The EPA is steered by the EPA Advisory Board, which is composed of experienced payments professionals drawn from its membership.

The Emerging Payments Association is managed by the Leadership team and Advisory Board members.¬† Advisory Board members are nominated and elected to the board each year from the EPA’s member companies based upon their ability to lead and influence the payments industry.

What does an EPA Advisor do?

  • Supports the EPA with general leadership
  • Takes a leading role in specific¬†EPA projects
  • Speaks at industry events and to the media on behalf of the EPA

Members of the EPA Advisory Board are voted on by the members of the EPA and serve a term of 3 years.

Rich Wagner

Chairman of EPA Advisory Board & CEO APS financial

Andrea Dunlop

Deputy Chair, EPA & CEO Acquiring & Card Solutions, Paysafe Group

Anders La Cour
Chief Executive Officer
Saxo Payments

Suresh Vaghjiani
Managing Director (EMEA)
Global Processing Services

Anne Pieckielon
Director of Product & Strategy

Chris Dunne
Payment Services Director

David Hunter
Non Executive Director, Pannovate, W2 & EPA

Judith Rinearson
K&L Gates

Kriya Patel
Managing Director
The Bancorp

Michael Laven
Currency Cloud

Monica Eaton-Cardone
CIO and Co-Founder
Chargebacks911 and Global Risk Technologies

Myles Stephenson
Chief Executive

Neira Jones
Advisory Board Member & Ambassador

John Davies
CEO The Just Loans Group