deVere E-Money

deVere Vault through deVere E-Money is a mobile-based multicurrency wallet that allows users to send, spend and exchange money in up to 27/a multitude of currencies.

We have partnered with Wirecard Card Solutions to provide our users with a prepaid Vault card that can be used anywhere that has a Mastercard® acceptance mark. Our goal is to give users a platform to send, spend and exchange money in any currency they wish to use. Vault’s current build offers real-time access to foreign exchange services, global bank transfer functionality as well as all services that come with Vault Prepaid Mastercard. For more information about Vault, please visit:

deVere E-Money is an international Wealth Management organization with offices all around the world. With Vault, we aim to provide a simple, seamless solution to our clients who are primarily expatriates, frequent travelers and commuters, and people who live outside their country of origin.

Our mission is to expand and offer this product to our clients as well as prospective clients throughout the European Economic Area and all over the world.

deVere E-money is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania with an Electronic Money Institution license issued on the 2nd of March 2017.