Envision&Company Ltd

Payments and Fraud Prevention in One Platform. Your Peace Of Mind is when you know your customers can pay anywhere, on any device with your chargebacks protected 100%. The payments eco-system is increasing in complexity. And our world is constantly changing, but we still expect our customers to obey fixed rules; wait while we manually verify their identity, accept transactions only from certain location or country. Customers demand different. But conventional solutions cannot differentiate between genuine customer and a fraudster. Businesses are losing millions in rejected transactions, chargebacks, and manual verification costs. Fraud solution providers do not take responsibility for their own risk decisions. Envision has simplified payments and fraud prevention in a single global platform. Envision combines fraud detection technology with machine learning capabilities harnessing the power of data to predict future events, match patterns and map identities to build a 360 degree view of a customer. The result is real-time 100% automatic Yes/No decision with deeper customer insights. With our payments infrastructure and your risk of fraud 100% guaranteed, we believe there is no better time to grow your business and give your customers the freedom that they deserve and the peace of mind that you deserve. We believe in innovating solutions that create better and safer experiences for all. Our commitment to a better world is not just because of what we do, but because of who we are.

Bashir Khair, CEO