The EPA Africa is committed to creating a fair and level playing field but too often, those in minority groups working in the overall business environment have trouble when making their voices heard and being treated fairly. In a recent survey amongst women working in FinTech, for example, almost half of the respondents said they have faced challenges with their own personal development and brand and over a third with negotiating equal pay.

So the EPA wants to provide its members as well as those in the wider business ecosystem, especially those who are perhaps just starting their careers, with a supportive community of mentors and connections that will help them face these often complex and sometimes daunting situations. Its first initiative to achieve this goal will be to launch and run the EPA  Africa’s Business by Her group, open to anyone in the payments industry and at no cost.

Business by Her

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide a supportive community to help women face what are often complex and sometimes daunting situations.
  • To be a catalyst for a profound change in the composition of the business community.
  • To create a forum of influential women that can represent women’s interests in various industries.
  • To inform and support the male biased structures currently prevalent to assist in enabling this gender balanced approach through the provision of an ‘interventionist’ programme targeted at both women and men to effect change without the “disenfranchisement” of men within the industry.
  • Assimilating the work of other gender focused groups both within various industries to ensure that we do not re-invent the wheel but share best practices and designating to other areas for help and insights as well.

This will be done by:

  • Providing an open and interactive forum for women at every level in business to participate and share experiences to bring greater learning and solution share.
  • Identification, discussion and solutions provision of key issues facing women and men in business.
  • Provision of experiential advice through personal stories from influential women.
  • Networking opportunities and social media forums for all both amongst their peers and on all levels within the industry framework.
  • Providing support and guidance for personal development of individuals.
  • Providing signposting to other sources and associations active in promoting women’s roles in male-dominated industries.
  • Lobby organisations, industry watchdogs and regulators and associations to promote policy change within organisations and adherence to industry initiatives.

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