The EPA is committed to creating a fair and level playing field but too often, those in minority groups working in the payments industry have trouble when making their voices heard and being treated fairly. In a recent survey amongst women working in FinTech, for example, almost half of the respondents said they have faced challenges with their own personal development and brand and over a third with negotiating equal pay.

So the EPA wants to provide its members as well as those in the wider payments industry, especially those who are perhaps just starting their careers in PayTech, with a supportive community of mentors and connections that will help them face these often complex and sometimes daunting situations. Its first initiative to achieve this goal will be to launch and run the EPA’s Women in PayTech group, open to anyone in the payments industry and at no cost.

Women in PayTech
The goal of the group is to be the catalyst for a profound change in the composition of our emerging payments community, through the creation of a forum of influential women that can represent women’s interests.

The final scope and deliverables of the Women in PayTech are currently being worked on, but are likely to include quarterly networking evenings and a central clearing house to connect mentors with those wishing to develop their voice and careers. The future scope of the Project Diversity will ensure inclusiveness for underrepresented individuals who have experienced a lack of opportunities either due to their gender, racial background, or sexual orientation.

The Women in PayTech team is composed of representatives from across the industry, and includes Judith Rinearson (K&L Gates), Tessa Unsworth (PrePay Solutions), Janet Johnston (Raphaels Bank), Niki Akhurst (Pennies), Nilixa Devlukia (Financial Conduct Authority), Angela Yore (SkyParlour), Anne Pieckielon (Bacs), Andrea Dunlop (Paysafe Group), and Sian Jones (COINsult).

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“Thanks so much to the EPA, K&L Gates and to Victoria for a great session. I thoroughly enjoyed it”

Deanna Fernandez, Head of Account Management at Paysafe Group

Project Diversity Team


Anne Pieckielon – Director of Product & Strategy, Bacs


Judith Rinearson – Partner, K&L Gates


Angela Yore – Co-Founder, SkyParlour
Andrea Dunlop – CEO Acquiring & Card Solutions, Paysafe Group
Nilixa Devlukia – Technical Specialist for Payments, Financial Conduct Authority
Tessa Unsworth – CCO, Prepay Solutions
Niki Akhurst – Head of Business Development Director, Pennies
Janet Johnston – Head of Payment Services, Raphaels Bank
Jane Jee – CEO, Kompli Global